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The Alex Manos Podcast

Aug 30, 2018

In episode #6 of The Alex Manos Podcast I speak with Robyn Puglia (IFMCP) on the role food plays in autoimmune disease. We discuss the different ways the body can inappropriately respond to food, including immune-mediated and non-immune mediated mechanism.  We discuss how to persoanlise the diet, rather than following a generic diet such as The Autoimmune Paleo diet, by taking in to consideration the individuals symptoms.

Robyn also shares insight in to which tests may be most valuable to run when suffering with autoimmune disease. The most important and initial consideration being a comprehensive stool test.

As a result, we also start discussing the role of stress, gut health, nutrient status, immunity and infections, sleep and exercise play in supporting those with autoimmunity.

These topics will be discussed in detail in later episodes.

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